Useful Guidelines for Purchasing Travel Insurance to Meet Visa Requirements

Travel insurance is no longer something that can be overlooked when planning an international trip. It can provide you with the necessary financial support in case of any unexpected event during your trip. In fact, some countries have travel medical insurance as a mandatory requirement for visa processing. For instance, a Dubai visa for Indians will get denied if one fails to provide a valid travel insurance policy.

However, you should be very selective when buying travel insurance online for visa processing. This is because failing to meet the travel insurance requirements may result in unnecessary delays and even visa rejections.

To help you with it, this blog is compiled with a set of useful guidelines for purchasing the right visa travel insurance.

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 Is Travel Insurance Mandatory for International Travel?

The short answer is no; travel insurance is not always mandatory for travelling abroad.

However, many countries, like Dubai, Russia, Turkey, and Schengen Countries, mandate that international visitors have the right travel insurance that meets the visa requirements.

 Tips for Purchasing Travel Insurance to Meet Visa Requirements 

  • Make Sure You Are Not Already Covered :

Before you start searching for the right travel insurance plan for your international trip, check with your existing insurer. Some insurance companies offer coverage for short international trips with their health insurance plans.

In case you are travelling for a brief period of time, you could probably avoid buying a new policy, as your existing insurance company might offer the required coverage.

  • Know Your Visa Travel Insurance Requirement :

To avoid the chances of visa rejection, learn about the specific travel insurance requirements of the country you are visiting. This includes checking out the type of coverage they require, the benefits your plan should cover, and so on.

  • Compare Multiple Travel Plans :

Before settling on a travel insurance policy, look around for multiple policies from different providers to compare their benefits and coverage. This will definitely help you select the best insurance plan.

  • Declare Pre-existing Medical Conditions :

Make sure to declare any pre-existing health issues you might have to your insurer before buying the travel insurance plan. This is extremely important because if you don’t declare your pre-existing health conditions but end up making a claim for the same post your trip, there is a good chance that your claim will be rejected.

  • Buy from Reputed Insurance Providers :

Consider buying your travel insurance policy from reputed buyers like Tata AIG. It will help you avoid any fraud and also increase your chances of getting a visa approved smoothly.

 Also, ensure that your travel insurer comes into the list of accepted insurance providers of the embassy.

  • Consider the Benefits :

Visa travel insurance includes numerous benefits like cover for personal belongings, cashless settlement, low premiums, etc. So, when selecting a policy, check out its benefits to ensure whether they meet your requirements.

 Also, make sure that the financial coverage offered by your policy meets the destination country’s requirements.

  • Don’t Delay Your Purchase :

Finally, book your travel insurance as soon as you have booked your international trip. The reason is many travel insurance plans offer cancellation coverage which allows you to cancel the insurance in case your trip gets cancelled due to any unavoidable reason. However, every policy has its own terms and conditions. So, read them carefully before making any final decision.

 How to Purchase Travel Insurance for Visa?

  • Purchase Travel Policy Online: Probably the fastest way to buy an online travel insurance policy is to buy from the official website of your insurance provider. Not only is it easy and reliable, but you may also avail of impressive discounts while purchasing an insurance plan online.
  • Purchase Travel Policy Offline: You can also buy a travel policy by either visiting the office of your insurance provider or an insurance agent of your preference.


The right travel insurance policy acts as protection against any mishap during your trip abroad. While it is not a mandatory requirement for most destination countries, it is good to have, considering the financial assistance it provides.

Therefore, if you have not started searching for the best travel insurance, do it immediately. This blog mentions all the guidelines for purchasing travel insurance for visa processing. Make sure to follow them while purchasing a suitable policy. We hope it helps!

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